Why M2M?

Stay connected with your technical devices and systems. M2M communication opens up new business opportunities, organizes business processes through automation and remote services, and protects the environment.

M2M "Monitor" - Know what's going on:
•    Monitor the status of devices via the GUI, Web or smartphone,
•    Integrate remote devices into IT infrastructure,
•    Get alerts via SMS, e-Mail or apps when pre-defined thresholds are exceeded,
•    Receive clear text notifications and recommendations via SMS, e-Mail or apps when a device fails.

•    Product innovation and differentiation,
•    Increased revenue,
•    Greater customer satisfaction,
•    Lower operating costs,
•    Detect misuse,
•    Improved user experience.

M2M "Localize" – Know where assets are located:
•    Receive location data to detect or track your assets,
•    Get alerts via SMS, e-Mail or app when your device leaves a predefined geographic area.

•    Real-time location information,
•    Optimized planning,
•    More efficient use of equipment.

M2M "Control" – Take control regardless of location:

•    Remotely operate your devices,
•    Get alerts via SMS, e-Mail or app when system status deviates from pre-defined values,
•    Efficiently check for operability.

•    New services and revenue streams,   
•    Lower operating costs,
•    Higher device availability,
•    Improved customer service,    
•    Improved user experience.


M2M "Maintain" – Keep things running smoothly, remotely:
•    Improve product quality remotely,
•    Firmware updates trigger maintenance procedures,
•    Send hardware testing signals.

•    Increase perceived product quality,
•    Lower operating costs,
•    Higher device availability through lower downtime,
•    Improved customer service.