RICON GPRS/CDMA DTU is a data terminals unit based on GPRS/CDMA 1x mobile network. It provides data communication network for industrial applications with reliable, flexible and cost-effectiveness features. Embedded PPP, TCP/IP, DDP and so on, GPRS/CDMA DTU can build complete transparent data channel between user equipment and data service center. It is easy to be installed and used.


GPRS Data Terminal Unit (DTU) telemetry is principally similar to that of GPRS modem in terms of data-transfer-link setup and its transmission protocol. Both GPRS modem or DTU will dial up to attach itself onto GPRS network, accessing the Internet via the operator’s Base Station System (BSS), in this process, the network operator allocates the SIM card in the Modem/DTU with a temporary IP, after which the Modem/DTU will initiate a Socket connection targeting at the IP address and the designated port number of the server at the customer data center (Central Server). When the Central Server hears (by running the supplied software through the port) the TCP connection request from the remote Modem/DTU,TCP/IP data link between them will then be setup after its successful protocol dialogue. Up to this point, the working principle on data link setup and its protocol has basically no difference. But there are following distinctions for the DTU to show its stronger features.

  1. The GPRS Modem itself has no PPP protocol embedded, thus it can’t ignite the dial up process, a PC or PLC module (with a series of dial up AT command program embedded, which is easy and popular in the PC/PLC programming field) has to be incorporated at the remote end to undertake the functionality. The DTU, however, can do it fully by itself with no PC/PLC at all right after its power on.
  2. Quite a part of the GPRS Modem types do not have the TCP/IP stack embedded to initiate the data link setup, after its dial up and successfully attached to GPRS network. For these Modems, PC (either Windows/Linux) has to be equipped to provide with the necessary AT command series for TCP/IP data link (i.e. socket link) establishment, PLC can’t be an option since almost all PLC modules don’t have self-embedded TCP/IP stack. Telemetry application with such Modems is not cost-effective, hence highly limited in those cost-sensitive cases. The DTU however, is totally self-sufficient.
  3. DTU data transfer is fully transparent, enabling much wider application extension. Customer data terminals like water/oil/electricity meters, bar-code readers, retail POS,automat, outdoor touch panel etc. can all be data-collected and transferred to customer
  4. Central Server by DTU with only the request of a serial port, no protocol dialogue or any additional programming is demanded, while the GSM/GPRS Modem has to require at least the programming functionality of a PLC or even a PC to jointly take up the task, which increases expenses thus narrows the applicability.
  5. DTU is more powerful with its multiple work mode options. In the popular PLC+Modem cases, besides extra programming work load, the powerful features that DTU can provide become actually impossible, examples include Constant-online, Idle-offline or Idle-power-off work mode options, Central Server reconnect trial control, Central Server remote device identification exclusivity, DDNS/remote-configuration supportability and so on, where further deficiencies of the Modem application are more impressively exposed.
  6. In conclusion, no matter what kind of customer device it is – PLC, RTU, Data Logger, Controller, Meter, Touch Panel or any other – DTU can accomplish its Data collection & transfer just by a simple plug & play.

RICON GPRS/CDMA DTU is a data terminal unit based on GPRS/CDMA 1x mobile network. It provides data communication network for industrial applications with reliable, flexible and cost-effectiveness features. Handset connects people via voice and short message, however, DTU which has good reputation of industrial handset connects machines via data transmission channel.

RICON GPRS/CDMA DTU complies with industrial standard, optimizes EMC design and has superior reliability. Embedded PPP, TCP/IP, DDP and so on, GPRS/ CDMA DTU can build complete transparent data channel between user equipment and data service center. It is easy to be installed and used.

Basic functions:
  • Optimized EMC design
  • Industrial pluggable terminal block
  • Industrial GPRS/CDMA 1x wireless module
  • Supports APN and VPDN wireless private network
  • Supports short message service (SMS)
  • Supports transparent data communications
  • Supports data service center with dynamic IP address
  • Supports LED status indication
  • Wide range voltage input
  • Smart power management
  • External power on/off control
  • Reliable, flexible and easy to use

Enhenced Function:

Multiple communications protocol:

  • Standard PPP, TCP/IP and UDP/IP protocol
  • DDP protocol
  • AT+ protocol
Multiple operation model
  • Always online: automatically attaches GPRS/CDMA when powered on automatically redials when off line and keep line alive
  • Offline when idle and trigged online by user data, ring or SMS
  • GPRS/CDMA channel and SMS mutual backup
  • Online/offline control by commands via user equipment
  • Data loop test
Multiple data service centers communications
  • Supports up to 4 data service centers ccommunications
  • Supports main/backup data service centers communications
  • Supports customized setting for each data service center
Flexible and utilitarian data communications
  • Supports TCP/IP, UDP/IP, DDP, SMS and AT
  • Self-defines transparent or protocol communications
  • Self-defines customized data frame separator
  • Self-defines reconnecting interval
  • Self-defines heart-beat data frame
Parameters configuration and remote management
  • Built-in parameters configuration menu
  • Configuration tool based on PC
  • Remote parameters configuration via data service center
  • Remote parameters configuration by SMS
  • Parameters configuration via AT+ commands
Full function data service center development kits
  • Provides function development package
  • Provides complete sets of demo source code (VB, VC, C#, Delphi, VB.net)
  • Provides data forwarding service center for data transparency forwarding
Products can be applied in many fields such as:
  • electric power,
  • oil field,
  • coal mine,
  • weather forecast,
  • environment protection,
  • water conservancy,
  • heating,
  • natural gas,
  • petroleum industry,
  • telecom,
  • postal service,
  • banking,
  • self service terminals,
  • transportation,
  • and so on.