RICON TrackBin®

RICON TrackBin® - RICON Intelligent Trash Bin Remote Monitoring & Management Solution

RICON TrackBin® Solution has been developed specifically for the trash collection sector. It is dedicated for companies/administration units that wish to increase effectiveness and control of trash collection process as well as rationalize its costs. Solution provides:
- trash bin fill and temperature level remote monitoring,
- in-time trash collection from various locations,
- substantial cost savings (lower fuel cost, lower labor cost),
- data storage for statstics and trend analyses,
- helps to keep the environment clean.  

RICON TrackBin® Solutions consists of:
1) TrackBin® Device with:
        a. durable, light housing,diameter 9,5 cm,
        b. GSM module for communication over cellular network,
        c. GPS locator (optional),
        d. ultrasonic sensor for accurate, non-contact bin fill level monitoring,
        e. temperature sensor,
        f. power adapter or battery module,
        g. smart software.

2) TrackBin® Communication System for transferring collected data over mobile network to the management center,
3) TrackBin® Management Software with user web interface platform.


Problem Overview Due to the growing population, urbanization and increasing consumption more attention is put into the trash management. The main problems of the existing trash collection process are as follows:
  • Lack of real-time information about the trash level in certain locations,
  • Lack of proper system for trash level trend analyses and statistics,
  • Loss of productivity due to inefficient utilization und irrational use of vehicles

RICON TrackBin® Solutions consists of:

  • TrackBin® Device with: durable, light housing, GSM module for communication with cellular network, ultrasonic sensor for accurate, non-contact bin fill level monitoring; temperature sensor for measuring temperature level inside the trash bin, power adapter or battery module, smart software),

  • TrackBin® Communication System for transferring collected data over mobile network to the management center,
  • TrackBin® Management Software with user web interface platform.


User defines the measurement cycle settings, system running rules and alarms on air. According to the present parameter system triggers the Bin Device. Sensors sensor bin fill and temperature levels and send data to management centre ober the mobile network. Data reaches the host server, which parses the information received from the bins and processes this information with solution specific software. The processed information is made available to monitoring team via userfriendly TrackBin® Management Web Interface platform. Platform provides full view of all data coming from TrackBin® Devices. Also keeps the measurements’ history for trend monitoring and analysis. As all the information is provided over the internet, there is no need for the user to invest in information technology or have specialist skills to adopt the TrackBin® Management Web Interface platform. 


TrackBin® Management Web Interface platform

Terminal Tab
Terminal List Tab displays a list of all terminals. Terminals are identified by module IMEI number). User can find here:
•    current terminal status (online, offline),
•    selected terminal operational information: signal strength, trash level, temperature level inside the bin, last measurement time delivery details, battery status, uptime, downtime, availability, location.

Terminal Detail Tab summarizes the details of the particular terminal. Additionally user can set/update bin’s depth, bin’s container space and location. Depending on the trash and temperature levels settings, different levels are represent in different colors for easy and intuitive monitoring. In this tab user can see the history of all measurements and processes that happened on the terminal. User can create history report for bin fill level, signal and temperature in selected space of time. Reports are available in PNG, JPEG, PDF, SVG formats.

System Tab
System Authorization Tab manages terminals of the platform beyond rule list. Deployed terminals are connecting via mobile network to the TrackBin® station. First they are being listed on the Authorization List with pending terminal status regarding security issues. From the Authorization List user can:
 - Accept recognized terminal; Terminal moves then to the authorized Terminal List and is shown on the Terminal List Tab.
 - Decline unrecognized terminal; Terminal moves then to the Black List.
System Black List Tab shows blacklisted terminals.


RICON TrackBin has been installed at more than 1000 locations over Istanbul, here Başakşehir Municipality, Istanbul, Turkey.