RICON Offline Storage 3G/4G BUSWiFi Solution consists of high performance 3G/4G Wi-Fi router (Model: 59903) with built-in Solid State Disk (SSD) and Cloud Management Software Platform (Name: "BUSWiFi"). As a Wi-Fi hotspot, 59903 3G/4G Wi-Fi routers will be installed in public transport such as city buses, coaches, tourist bus, subways, trains and some public places such as cafe, restaurant, station, terminal building and other places with wide Wi-Fi coverage range. After connected to the Wi-Fi hotspot, not only can users surf internet via 3G/4G, but also they can enjoy local movies, music, news and other info stored in the local SSD.

The solution creates a totally new mobile Internet channel and business mode to bus transportation companies, AD agencies, mobile operators, advertisers, surrounding merchants through a public
Wi-Fi hotspot.

System Characteristics and Advantages

  • Especially suitable for vehicle applications: Access internet via 3G/4G, Installation does not require wiring, starts automatically with power, easy installation and migration. 
  • Provide users with Internet surfing and rich local stored programs: When users see the local content in SSD, there will be no network traffic consumption with zero data cost. 
  • Multiple user access mode: Users can access to the local offline programs freely and limitlessly, can surf internet by the mode of Free/SMS Authentication/Email Authentication. 
  • Large amount of concurrent access: Supports 60 concurrent access video stream @480P * 512kbps. 
  • Mass local storage: S9903 router with built-in SSD to store large capacity of offline infotainment programs. 
  • Offline storage program content can be freely configured and managed: S9903 Router has built-in Web server, HTML5 videos, music, news, games, operators can easily replace and configure the program contents. 
  • Multiple ways to update the offline storage content: Supports local Wi-Fi update, FTP updates, encrypted USB update and as well as central software platform remote update. 
  • Precisely push advertisement to Wi-Fi users: System operator can push advertisement to different user group precisely according to analysis of Location Based Service (LBS), user characteristics and surfing time period. 
  • Multiple special design for vehicle installation scenarios: The ACC power shutdown delay, GPS positioning, low temperature boot delay control, automatically shutting down in low voltage state to protect the vehicle battery. 
  • Vehicle-mounted industrial product design: All components are chosen and designed according to the requirements of industrial grade products. 
  • Cloud management software remote centralized management of devices: In addition to the centralized application service management, center software platform also enables remote management and maintenance of all Wi-Fi ROUTER terminals.

Values for customers:

  • Wi-Fi users:
    Enjoy rich internet and offline programs, which makes time become more exciting. 
  • Vehicle transport unit:
    Increase ridership and customer attraction/loyalty by providing additional network services to passengers. 
  • AD agencies:
    Seize the mobile Internet B2C interfaces to gain business opportunities. 
  • Advertiser:
    Push targeted advertisement with higher efficiency and more profit.
  • Mobile operators:
    Increase 3G/4G data network coverage and utilization, achieve business appreciation.
  • Government:
    Build mobile internet smart city, improve the city’s image and citizen satisfaction. 


S9903 Router Specifications
BUSCloud Management Platform main feature
  • Terminal Online/offline monitoring
  • Detail information of cellular connection
  • SIM/UIM Card data traffic monitoring
  • Reliable remote uniform updating of content
  • Reliable parameters batch update
  • One click installation
  • Remote upgrading intelligent management
  • AD access number statistics
  • AD access period statistics
  • Rich user traffic statistics
  • Rich user behavior statistics
  • Predefined VIP/Public Wi-Fi accounts
  • Classification of administrator permissions