RICON i-Temp

RICON i-Temp S6000 enables the controlling of devices like air conditinoers and other remote-controlled devices. The system provides controlling both by the RMS (Remote Monitoring Systems) and the devices orginal remote controls about ambient temperature, air-conditioner operation status, etc. Related digital/analogue values and data collected by various sensors are communicated to the RMS vie GPRS or the Ethernet network, Optionally, GPRS, human dedector, residual current sensor, other sensor, etc.

Brochure: RICON i-Temp

i-Temp S6000 Remote Temperature Controller can realize auto and remote controlling of Air-conditioner, control by controller itself or by RMS, same time report the environment temperature, air conditioner working state, related senor and other collected analog/digit signal data to RMS via GPRS or Ethernet network, just work like a RTU.

Product and solution which is able to control modern A/C units or any other remote controlled device.Optional GPRS function,human detector,grounding sensor etc.Sensor solutions.

  • GPRS / LAN Ethernet
  • 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • 160mm*90mm*28mm*
  • 370 gr
  • LCD Screen
  • 1 analog Input I/O, 2 digital input I/O ve 1 digital alarm I/O
  • Temperature monitoring and reporting from -20°C to 70°C
  • Industrial Standard Metal Casing
  • Management and Reporting with Central Management Platform




  • GSM Mobile
  • LAN Ethernet

Operational Voltage

  • 12 - 24V DC

Temperature Recognition

  • -20°C to +70°C
  • 0.5°C Temperature Detection


  • GSM Antenna
  • AC/DC Power Adaptor
  • Portable Infrared Communication Module
  • Effective distance: 3m
  • Current Transformator Sensor
  • Type: closed/open toroid
  • Primary current: 0~10A
  • Validity: 0.5%
  • 12 Pin industrial socket for connecting alarms
  • Microwave technology Human Detector Sensor


  • 160mm*90mm*28mm
  • 370 gr. (w/o human sensor)
  • Industrial Type Metal Housing


  • Matrix LCD Panel
  • Infrared code storage up to 64 units
  • Control All Infrared Devices (Self-Learning)
  • Optional one additional analog and digital interface allow signal management such as door alarm, theft alarm etc.


  • Air Conditioning (AC) unit will turn on with a pre-selected configuration and looks over the highest and lowest temperature value.
  • Functions are operational on all AC brands with Infrared control
  • Remote Monitoring and Management Platform (RMS) sends commands in real time to control the AC unit
  • i-Temp device supports easy and quick installation procedure
  • RMS keeps the logs of all devices’ data for performance statistics
  • Any brand of AC unit can easily be integrated to the system within the infrared which is defined the 64 code standard.
  • Software sends i-Temp signals through RMS and performs commands in real time actions.
  • Shows past performance of the device in question
  • Ability to control remote controlled devices which are with infrared
  • Door open/close alarm or any exterior alarm source can be managed
  • ATM’s or other devices Power failure alarm can be monitored for emergency preventive actions
  • All alarms and parameters can be viewed and controlled on the device screen as well from Remote Monitoring and Management Platform


  • Strong database and data mining ability: 0.5 Million device/day
  • 10.000+ terminal management support
  • Terminal ID and group formation
  • Live monitoring and viewing ON/OFF status of the devices being controlled remotely
  • Turning on/off the devices being controlled remotely and changing the AC temperature settings
  • Alarm notifications via e-mail and SMS
  • Door Open/Close time and date logs
  • Power On/Off monitoring and time and date logs
  • One microwave controlled human detector sensor built-in
  • One additional device can be added for monitoring
  • Batch device configuration
  • Hierarchic Management Access Frame
  • Browser Over Server software utilization
  • Fully compatible with MS Windows Operating System