RICON i-City Compactor

RICON i-City Compactor

RICON i-City compactor, has a mechanism able to compress waste five times its own size. The storage ability requires emptying every 2-3 days when the are full. This ability helps decrease the cost for personnel, qualitative, as well as quantitative, the total number of vehicles designated for this work and finally the fuel costs related with this work. The product works with solar power. Is has a management software that can remotely monitor the fill rate from a central body, so that the product can be utilized following an optimal route as well as the best work plan streets with high pedestrian traffic and density, cinemas, cultural centers, shopping malls, football arenas and concert halls, certain spots at universities are the ideal spots for the product. Because of its clean and distiguished look, it supposes a positive perception towards garbage cans. All four sides of the product can be furnished with advertisements.

Brochure: RICON i-City Compactor

It is a product which has the ability to compact waste up to five times its capacity.Container fill levels can be monitored from the HQ and smart route planning can be done before hand with the asisstance of the Central Management Software tool.

i-City Compactor uses the sun’s energy to automatically compact trash at the point of disposal, dramatically increasing capacity 5 times within the same footprint as ordinary receptacles. Increased capacity reduces collection trips and can cut related fuel use and emissions by 80%. Enclosed design keeps pests out and litter in. i-City Compactor has proved successful in urban streets, parks, colleges, sports venues and in all weather conditions. Anywhere a lot of trash is generated, the i-City Trash Compactor offers a compelling solution that is more environmentally preferable and operationally efficient.

  • Solar Powered Waste Compactor
  • Reduces Collections 4 times or More
  • Eliminates Overflowing Bins
  • No trenching or Wiring Needed
  • Reliable Safe and Easy To Use
  • Advertisement Mounts Provide Marketing Platform
  • Modern and Convenient Design


Simple & Easy to Use

  • i-City Compactor is a solar powered compactor upgraded with wireless hardware
  • It is able to send data through standard SMS (text messaging) format to our online server
  • Password-protected software application on the web allows access from any computer so there is no software to buy, pay monthly fees or maintain regularly
  • Our easy-to-navigate application displays customizable maps, fullness reports, group lists and critical alert

Some activities within the project scope for fulfilling this target;

  • Equipping the garbage containers with a fullness measurement / monitoring device, and monitoring them remotely from the center with the necessary software,
  • Identifying efficient garbage collection routes in the light of these data, and
  • Improving the measurement device with battery and solar system for enabling continuous operation.

It is expected that our municipalities will gain the following benefits based on the project completion outputs;

  • Employing less cleaning workers for garbage collection,
  • No more overflowing, ill-looking and stinking garbage containers in cities,
  • Preventing garbage from being affected by moisture (rain and wastewater gutters),
  • Consistent fullness level information regarding garbage trucks,
  • Obtaining more recyclable raw materials,
  • Decreasing greenhouse emissions, and
  • Fuel saving by identifying and efficient garbage collection routes

In order to reduce costs by 50%;

  • Garbage cans in streets should gradually be removed based on trainings,
  • Three times more waste should be stored in the compaction containers,
  • Trashes should be stored in rain- and sun-proof tanks,
  • Truck capacities and frequencies should be adjusted based on the amount of waste, and
  • Garbage collection routes and collection periods should be adjusted by taking container fullness levels into consideration.

We carry out this project to produce the product which will enable continues dataflow for contributing to a cleaner, healthier and more beautifully looking environment.

This project will positively influence:

  • Municipalities,
  • Urban people,
  • Recycling businesses,
  • Storage tank manufacturers,
  • Garbage truck manufacturers, and
  • Fullness monitoring device manufacturers.

Monitoring the fullness level of the garbage containers;

TrackBin Management System

Garbage level of any container and internal container temperature can be monitored and these data can be reported and analyzed. In this way, garbage trucks can be sent only to the filled-up points and this means fuel and time-saving. At the same time, it is possible to set alarms for preset thresholds. In this way, easy intervention is possible for those containers which are filled up earlier or those with a fire risk.

How Does It Work

The device measures the internal fullness level on the container (ultrasonic sensor) and the temperature. In a case of any change in these values, the central control server is informed over the GPRS network. The data reaching the central control server are recorded in a database. These data in the database are accessed through the web interface of the "TrackBin Management System". In this way, garbage trucks can be directed to the urgent points and necessary precautions can be taken. Thanks to this timely orbit collection in each container, a cleaner environment is supported.

In Summary, Why i-City Compactor?

  • Five times more garbage collection thanks to the compacting mechanism which automatically operates when the garbage fullness level reaches 70% in the container,
  • Monitoring of the fullness levels remotely from the center and timely direction of garbage trucks,
  • Five times more garbage collection with less cleaning workers,
  • No more overflowing, ill-looking and stinking garbage containers in cities,
  • The expected benefits include;
    1) No unnecessary mileage by garbage trucks,
    2) More garbage collection in unit time,
    3) More collection of recycling raw materials
    4) No moisture effect on the garbage,
    5) Reduce mint of greenhouse emissions,
    6) Fuel saving by an efficient garbage collection line, and
    7) Modern environment.